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This photo gallery represents the broad range of professional skills that Galena Repair + Maintenance + Construction offers.

Owner Patti Hansen:

From small handyman projects and remodels to large new construction and additions, we’re confident we can give you the quality you demand and deserve. Here’s an overview of just some of the repair and construction projects we’re proud to have been a part of. You’ll notice a very broad range of projects from commercial to residential, plus unique builds that the Galena area requires.”

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  • Galena Trolley Tours. Dan Green designed and built the very first trolley in, and for, Galena!
  • Poopsie’s (a popular landmark store on Main Street in downtown Galena). Dan Green has done much remodeling.
  • Hellman Guest House Mansion. Greenco Inc. and Galena Repair & Maintenance have done exterior and interior repair, maintenance and remodeling.
  • Blaum Brothers Distilling Company (next door to the Grant Hills Motel in Galena). Dan Green brought in and set the stills, stained and polished the concrete and expanded the roof to accommodate the stills. 
  • Scandinavian-design home and guest house. Dan Green custom-built this gorgeous home overlooking the Mississippi River.
  • Traditional home. Dan Green custom-built this beautiful traditional house with hand-scraped walnut floors, custom cabinets, custom walnut stairs, custom round-topped front door, granite counter tops, custom-tiled showers, and an interior dry fire suppressant sprinkler system.
  • Benjamin’s Restaurant (on Main Street in Galena). Dan Green did a complete gut-and-renovation, front to back, in just 3 months, with no business interruption!
  • Grace Episcopal Church (in Galena). Remodeled the interior of this beautiful house of worship.
  • Historic Galena Post Office. Installed copper chimney caps.
  • Galena Green Condominiums. Converted the former Galena High School into condominiums. [The renovation was featured in Architectural Digest.]
  • Cannova’s Pizzeria. Converted a retail store into a popular, tasteful restaurant.
  • Shanley Apartment Building. Gutted and converted the former First National Bank Building and Masonic Temple into twelve (12) apartment units. 
  • Illinois Bank & Trust (Stockton, Illinois). Built this commercial banking structure from the ground up.
  • Church relocation. Dan Green engineered the entire, complicated process of moving a church 1½ miles: from its original location to removing it from its foundation to moving it to its final, current location.