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Rot Diagnosis

About Rot Diagnosis & Repair

Early rot diagnosis and repair — curing the cause of the issue as soon as rot is discovered — is the best route to take to safeguard your property.

Rotting wood on a structure is a pernicious (and usually hidden) problem. It’s a destructive condition that can grow underneath a painted surface and, unless you know what to look for, can remain concealed for years causing significant harm to your home or business. Left undetected and unrepaired, continued deterioration of the structure can affect the value of your home or business as well. 

What is wood rot?

While all wood contains a certain amount of moisture naturally, excess moisture is the breeding ground for different fungi that cause wood rot itself. Depending on the type of wood rot, you may see:

  • split and crumbled wood due to cracking against the grain.
  • wood that’s dry and powdery and unable to support any weight. It crumbles easily.
  • a gray, white, or yellowish tone on the wood which results in a stringy or spongy-type wood consistency.

Any type of wood rot can cause considerable damage to a structure.

We know how to diagnose wood rot

Some of our rot repair work is a result of obvious visible signs of rotted wood that our customers have noticed.

In many cases, though, the signs of rot are subtle or even invisible to the lay person. With our experience, we have an eye for the more subtle (and unseen) signs of wood rot. We also have non-invasive equipment that can gauge the moisture content of areas of any structure. As a result, in many cases, we’re able to discover wood rot before it becomes a more serious problem. By fixing it earlier rather than later, you’ll save money, preserve your property investment.

We’re your rot experts

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