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Repair & Maintenance

About Repair and Maintenance

Unfortunately, without regular repair and maintenance, homes and commercial buildings can quickly fall into a state of disrepair. And little fixes, if not addressed, can decrease a building’s value over time. Galena Repair and Maintenance offers a full range of services for all types of repairs and maintenance for both commercial and residential clients.

For Your Peace of Mind

Galena Repair and Maintenance handles the maintenance for hundreds of homes in The Galena Territory, most of which is for remote owners. They have peace of mind knowing that, if there’s a problem with their property, we’ll be on the scene when they’re not!


Commercial Repair and Maintenance

Finding the right maintenance company to care for your commercial facilities can be challenging. We invite you to consider hiring Galena Repair and Maintenance as a commercial handyman service for your business or larger facility.

Needing regular maintenance work done? If you’re wondering if having a commercial handyman service is the right solution for your facility’s maintenance needs, you may be surprised at the flexible arrangements that we offer. Galena Repair can adjust the work to exactly what you and your facility need, ranging from …

  • daily ongoing maintenance at multiple facilities to
  • a once-a-week visit to tackle a rotating to-do list to
  • a less frequent bi-weekly schedule to
  • short-term, exacting and time-consuming projects such as, the assembling of office furniture to
  • other one-time tasks or projects.

Any maintenance company offering ongoing maintenance services needs a good team. And we think we have the best. We’re a team of professional maintenance experts with specific skills who are also very good people. [Check out Our Team web page to meet them.]

Residential Repair and Maintenance

If you’re a remote owner, not very handy, short on time or proper tools, have physical limitations, or have aging parents who need general help with the upkeep of their home, then Galena Repair and Maintenance is here to help.

With Galena Repair and Maintenance, you get our team of trained and highly skilled tradesmen. They have a broad skill set to do just about anything you can’t do, don’t have the time to do, OR just don’t want to do. They’re commercial handymen who can handle any issue or repair that may arise and they’ll get the job done right. Professionally, efficiently.

Catch rot early. By catching problems now, you could save thousands in the long run. Many future maintenance problems can be fixed with Galena Repair’s handyman service today.

What all can Galena Repair and Maintenance do? Here’s just a short list:

electrical, plumbing, installing fixtures, installing bookshelves, hanging pictures or televisions, patching, interior painting, exterior painting, exterior staining, screen hole repair, clogged drain, caulking, gutter cleaning, woodpecker hole repair, drywall repair, water damage repair, foundation repair, siding repair, siding replacement, rot repair.

No job is too small.

All maintenance issues can be resolved … with Galena Repair and Maintenance’s handyman service today. Contact Galena Repair and Maintenance and put any fears to rest.

No job is too big.

If your needs go beyond “handyman” status, Galena Construction can meet those needs. Read more about Galena Construction.


Call us today for a FREE basic exterior inspection and analysis of your property and an estimate. [Up to a $500 value.]